14 June 2020

Welcome! Lottology.com 3.0 has arrived!

Introducing the new version of lottology.com, the best ever.

Welcome to the new version of Lottology.com 3.0!

Lottology.com unique in its kind and the third version of this service offers more pleasant graphics, greater usability from both Desktop and Mobile and a much more powerful calculation engine. Previously inhibited features have been enabled making the site completely FREE!

We do not want to encourage you to play, but if you are interested in lotteries, we invite you to learn about the mechanisms of these games. It's not a site you can play on, but you can really enjoy getting to know all the dynamics of your favourite lottery and maybe try out some predictions to see if you'd win. We can't ensures you win, no one can, rather it's a site that offers all the main knowledge tools to understand the game.

Gradually we will be adding new Tutorials to explain how to use this site and some Articles to deepen your statistical and mathematical knowledge about lotteries.
We wish you all a lot of fun!