13 June 2020 Dictionary

Chronological Delay (CD)

It is the most popular and perhaps most important value in the calculation of statistics for numerical lotteries. CD stands for Chronological Delay, sometimes even just called "Delay" and indicates how long, in extractions, a number or combination is absent from the extracted results. Chronological delays may indicate the current value (with the acronym CD or CDa), the historical value (usually referred to as Max CD or CDh) or the maximum theoretical value (Max CDt):
  • CD the current chronological delay indicates how long the number or combination has not been output counting the last extraction and all previous ones until its presence;
  • Max CD is the historical crological delay and indicates the maximum value of the chronological delay reached from the beginning of the draws until today, for many people the Max CD is a reference point to determine the goodness of a prediction;
  • Max CDt indicates a theoretical estimate of the maximum value that the CD of a number or combination can reach at a given time. Usually the most used value is a statistical fashion and can also be calculated with a mathematical formula.