Copyright and legal note

MANIFESTO is a specialist consultation site and does not in any way directly or indirectly collect bets. does not want to be an incitement to the game, on the contrary it invites the enthusiast to an informed evaluation of the real chances of winning as well as of a possible and sporadic moderate game.
Ultimately not only invites to a "responsible" game but basically invites to abstain as much as possible from very unfavorable games such as lotteries.

It is also stated that:

There are certainly no winning and safe methods
Sites, TV broadcasts and others that provide forecasts that are not supported by valid, long-term and objectively verifiable reasons are not recommended.
The lotteries are based on independent events so the probability of any number is always the same (however, it is believed that the delay may have a value for reasons partly explained in this same site).
Abstention from the game is on average a convenient practice for the enthusiast
Moderate and time-limited game play is preferred


The information on this site is not the result of editorial work, does not have a periodicity and therefore this cannot be considered an editorial product.
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We decline any responsibility deriving from the consultation of this site even in the presence of possible inaccuracies and publication errors. Players are kindly requested to consult their bets on the respective official websites.