Static filters of Euro Millions lottery

All Euro Millions real-time draws of Tuesday, 23 February 2021 or earlier, also available in various formats: PDF, Excel and TXT.
By clicking on the date of a draw you can view more information and print more clearly the individual draws. Using the number selector, the numbers chosen for each Euro Millions draw are highlighted.

23 February232312-11410609.
19 February413221-11350204.
16 February143232-1981105.
12 February322321-11280207.
09 February233221-11070505.
05 February232321-11571112.
02 February412323-11590218.
29 January232321-11110401.
26 January143222-11140205.
22 January412331-11570208.
19 January051422-11610225.
15 January412322-11190204.
12 January413221-1991102.
08 January232321-11611118.
05 January411432-11631112.
01 January501422-11680416.