Static filters of United Kingdom Lotto lottery

All United Kingdom Lotto real-time draws of Saturday, 27 February 2021 or earlier, also available in various formats: PDF, Excel and TXT.
By clicking on the date of a draw you can view more information and print more clearly the individual draws. Using the number selector, the numbers chosen for each United Kingdom Lotto draw are highlighted.

27 February241532-12060304.
24 February335131-1952101.
20 February514123-11530203.
17 February424232-11041105.
13 February422431-12041115.
10 February152422-11690401.
06 February420522-12241127.
03 February334222-11230404.
30 January331322-12050304.
27 January421522-12162122.
23 January243222-11780301.
20 January065032-11100203.
16 January242322-12020303.
13 January515132-1970201.
09 January243331-11560209.
06 January512132-12031102.
02 January333232-11551106.