Economic game progressions for South Africa Daily Lotto

The progressions are economic planning of the stakes and are an important element of the strategy as in the South Africa Daily Lotto because they determine the end of the game, whether it is lost or won.

The benefits of supporting the game with the progressions are:
  - optimization of capital available to avoid disproportionate increases the stakes;
  - certainty of obtaining a useful predetermined minimum in case of winning;
  - increase in the probability of winning
However, very long progressions tend to a high spending in the face of a relatively small gain, therefore caution is recommended and is invited to the use of capital modest because the risk can not be eliminated is a component of the South Africa Daily Lotto.

DateBetSpentWinningsGain% GAIN
24 September3.003.0015.0012.00400.00
25 September6.009.0030.0021.00233.33
26 September6.0015.0030.0015.00100.00
27 September9.0024.0045.0021.0087.50
28 September9.0033.0045.0012.0036.36
29 September12.0045.0060.0015.0033.33
30 September15.0060.0075.0015.0025.00
01 October18.0078.0090.0012.0015.38
02 October24.00102.00120.0018.0017.65
03 October30.00132.00150.0018.0013.64