Static filters of Lotto Plus1 lottery

All Lotto Plus1 real-time draws of Wednesday, 24 February 2021 or earlier, also available in various formats: PDF, Excel and TXT.
By clicking on the date of a draw you can view more information and print more clearly the individual draws. Using the number selector, the numbers chosen for each Lotto Plus1 draw are highlighted.

24 February33232222150352.
20 February33422221210233.
17 February15232222110202.
13 February33412311310502.
10 February24243311460106.
06 February33333321470127.
03 February60332221700220.
30 January33423121130330.
27 January42332121580102.
23 January42323221760310.
20 January15332221490139.
16 January24322221701152.
13 January33322131450351.
09 January33332321570344.
06 January24332221380206.
02 January33332221550145.