Dynamic lottery filters NY Lotto

Dynamic filters are used in the Integral Systems of the NY Lotto to create conditioned systems. This category of filters differs from filtri-statici in that they change over time or are an expression of the current delay of a number or combination or take into account the current position in the Analytical table.
The parameters present are respectively:

  - In Synchro: numbers having the same delay and represented in the same line in the analytic board;
  - Col. Analytical Table: numbers output in the same position and then placed in the same column in the analytical board;
  - Dist. RC: minimum and maximum distance between the respective chronological delays of the extracted numbers;
  - RC Num: chronological delay of extracted numbers;
  - RC Comb: minimum and maximum delay between all the modular ambi with the output series.

March 29, 2023 (Wednesday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-17 Min-Max Couples CD 1-288 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers070109030118
Same Col Analytical Table330000

March 25, 2023 (Saturday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 2-29 Min-Max Couples CD 3-286 In Synchro 1
Delay of Numbers032211010830
Same Col Analytical Table102111

March 22, 2023 (Wednesday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-8 Min-Max Couples CD 5-265 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers051108030810
Same Col Analytical Table111111

March 18, 2023 (Saturday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-41 Min-Max Couples CD 1-546 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers162242010109
Same Col Analytical Table012300

March 15, 2023 (Wednesday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 1-22 Min-Max Couples CD 23-209 In Synchro 1
Delay of Numbers231104100117
Same Col Analytical Table023010

March 11, 2023 (Saturday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 1-16 Min-Max Couples CD 3-182 In Synchro 1
Delay of Numbers080100160302
Same Col Analytical Table011211

March 08, 2023 (Wednesday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-13 Min-Max Couples CD 1-196 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers030113020002
Same Col Analytical Table001311

March 04, 2023 (Saturday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-11 Min-Max Couples CD 0-532 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers020210000011
Same Col Analytical Table102120

March 01, 2023 (Wednesday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 1-31 Min-Max Couples CD 6-369 In Synchro 1
Delay of Numbers320301170209
Same Col Analytical Table201030

February 25, 2023 (Saturday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-7 Min-Max Couples CD 9-332 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers060902040903
Same Col Analytical Table102111

February 22, 2023 (Wednesday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-28 Min-Max Couples CD 23-377 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers050230232023
Same Col Analytical Table040020

February 18, 2023 (Saturday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-21 Min-Max Couples CD 6-463 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers000603180621
Same Col Analytical Table000114

February 15, 2023 (Wednesday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-14 Min-Max Couples CD 2-431 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers000404140103
Same Col Analytical Table101121

February 11, 2023 (Saturday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-16 Min-Max Couples CD 1-217 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers011600011205
Same Col Analytical Table200103

February 08, 2023 (Wednesday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 1-13 Min-Max Couples CD 2-268 In Synchro 1
Delay of Numbers130208010011
Same Col Analytical Table300300

February 04, 2023 (Saturday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 1-30 Min-Max Couples CD 10-289 In Synchro 1
Delay of Numbers000721083029
Same Col Analytical Table110121

February 01, 2023 (Wednesday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-12 Min-Max Couples CD 7-481 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers011207001012
Same Col Analytical Table310101

January 28, 2023 (Saturday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-38 Min-Max Couples CD 5-256 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers020511054004
Same Col Analytical Table101211

January 25, 2023 (Wednesday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 1-26 Min-Max Couples CD 27-483 In Synchro 1
Delay of Numbers072701230619
Same Col Analytical Table111012

January 21, 2023 (Saturday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-19 Min-Max Couples CD 1-543 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers070001021901
Same Col Analytical Table100122

January 18, 2023 (Wednesday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-29 Min-Max Couples CD 1-322 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers000301010429
Same Col Analytical Table230100

January 14, 2023 (Saturday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 1-28 Min-Max Couples CD 6-426 In Synchro 1
Delay of Numbers092903010602
Same Col Analytical Table100122

January 11, 2023 (Wednesday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 2-30 Min-Max Couples CD 44-549 In Synchro 1
Delay of Numbers002030220826
Same Col Analytical Table010212

January 07, 2023 (Saturday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 1-6 Min-Max Couples CD 5-323 In Synchro 1
Delay of Numbers010200030406
Same Col Analytical Table013110

January 04, 2023 (Wednesday)
Min-Max Dist. CD 0-26 Min-Max Couples CD 7-379 In Synchro 2
Delay of Numbers200012260707
Same Col Analytical Table122001