Statistical forecasts based on Patterns for the game Powerball

The prediction section based on Patterns is a summary of the best current formations for the Powerball selected from hundreds of possible bets. Forms that would give 3 to 100 times the stakes in case of winning are taken into account and the calculation of the Powerball forecast is always updated at the last draw. For each prediction it is possible to know, in addition to the numbers, the analytical details (delays and frequencies) and the graphs through the Patterns section.

Combination Target
3 Points
Factor Gain
x 3.50
-491 Points

Actual CD
841 Draws
Max CDs
Historical value
2791 Draws
Max CDt
Theoretical estimate
2791 Draws

Actual RD
0 Draws
Max RDs
Historical value
1491 Draws
Max RDt
Theoretical estimate
1491 Draws